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The Story takes place within the Land of Yevia, which is the Dominion of Humanity and Witches, and this Land is the very First Creation of God Jehovah and Mother Earth.

Within a Day, containing Seventy Two Hours, God Jehovah and Mother Earth created the Land for Food, the Sun for Light, the Moon for Night, and the Animal Kingdom for companionship for those Living in the Land of Yevia.

Unbeknownst to all, Sin will hit all Creation for God Quinn and God Saturn will air a cycle of conflict that will reach from the Ancient Life to Middle Life to the Latter Days.

Generation One is a Collection of Sagas and Arcs; each Saga and Arc has Chapters that can be from ten Chapters long to 68 Chapters long, and each Story continues the Plot line. It is also connected to about three other unrelated Series, although appearances and crossovers are Rare.

It has a Habit of Breaking the Fourth Wall many times.

Generation is a Free to Read Book, but it is Professionally Written, and can have Gore, Swearing, and Violence, but it does hold Messages like Forgiveness, Love, Pain, and Growth. The Story has followed Pharaoh, Jackie, Sabrina, Tyler, Brandon, Shae, O'Rylee, and Megan as the children must face the Threats from their World, and a World unknown to them. It all started with Pharaoh as the child was committing theft from Cars, but after the Boy was saved from Agare Demons by Megan, his Life and the Story was changed from that point on. From fighting Terrorist forces, to Fallen Gods and Goddesses, the Story has had progression with the Current Saga being the Golden Sapphire Saga, which is the Second Saga.

The Story has a Wide Range of Characters, including the Narrator and Writer, and each character with their own motives and feelings, and some are even self aware that they are in a Story, however the Cast, for the most part does stay on Script.

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